Sunday, July 8, 2007

A MUST SEE MOVIE..."Evening"

Ok, here's the deal....I think that "Evening" is probably one of the best movies that I've ever seen! It is AMAZING, and I highly recommend it. I saw it last night with two of my dear "gal pals". We've had a little tradition of doing dinner and a movie once a month (or at least we aim for once a month) since my son was born 9 years ago! We always have a great time. Last night was really fun and relaxing. We went to Grandview, which is a quaint little part of the Columbus area. We ate at an adorable little Italian restaurant called Figlio's. After dinner we just walked thru Grandview to the movie theater. Grandview is just really cool....the sidewalks are lined with little specialty restaurants, coffee houses, ice cream parlors, etc.. AND, all of these joints have cute little outdoor tables right on the sidewalk. The movie theater is a really neat building (just one screen, one movie) that was built back in the 1940's. Very quaint, nostalgic, and hip all at the same time!

Back to the movie.....go see it with your mother or some of your best girlfriends. You will not be disappointed!


Cindy said...

What is a movie? Haven't seen one since...I don't remember when! Unless it has a talking cartoon animal in it. Those I've seen. Sounds like you ladies had a great time. Love the one on one time with the gal pals.

Martina said...

Good for people to know.